I teach dynamic vinyasa yoga as well as slow flow yoga for all abilities and ages, always focusing on breath and alignment, whilst bringing attention to going beyond just the physical yoga asana practice – the part we often get caught up in! Yoga should be inclusive with its breadth of variations and modifications that can support us in whatever state and mood we are in on a particular day. While it is fun to challenge ourselves into fancy poses and redefining our physical boundaries, yoga is not about achieving a certain shape with the body – a powerful yoga practice is about exploring our mindset as we continuously refine and redefine our practice by encompassing the philosophical aspects of yoga, on and off the mat.

I teach classes in several yoga studios and gyms in London – check my schedule here!

I am also available for private yoga classes (both one-on-ones and groups) as well as corporate yoga classes. Get in touch for more info!


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Vinyasa yoga classes begin with a gentle warm up and a flow through sun salutations which help to center the mind and establish rhythm of breath and movement. We then move through a sequence of standing, twisting, balancing, seated, and reclining postures for all of which there are variations to suit every body. The posture or asana practice not only challenges and strengthens the body, but also the mind! With our flow, we aim to build a moving meditation, reflecting on our reactions to physical and mental challenges we face during the practice, and how we remain balanced, calm and patient. The class ends in a relaxing savasana.

The class will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated.

Depending on location, classes are taught with or without music, at room temperature or in heated studio spaces (temperatures vary between studios!)



Slow Flow classes are a wonderful way to wind down and instill a sense of calm and peace. A class may begin with a juicy warm up, targeting tension in shoulders and neck, and then flow through a few gentle and slow sun salutation variations to find our rhythm and breath. The second half of the practice is yin and restorative inspired with mainly seated or reclined asanas held for longer periods of time and supported by bolsters, blocks and straps.

Slow doesn’t always mean easier, especially when we are used to the fast pace of London life. Holding postures and stretches for longer can be more physical and with less movements to coordinate, our monkey mind can distract us much more easily. At the same time, this practice gives us the opportunity to go deeper, with more space to focus on the breath as an anchor in meditation, and to explore phsyical and emotional sensations that arise.

You will walk out feeling relaxed, balanced and grounded – ready to tackle the day with calm, or for a good nights sleep!

Depending on location, this class is taught with or without music, in pleasant room temperature.


Don’t just do something, sit there! And if you have tried it, you know that’s much easier said than done…

I teach standalone meditation sessions and if time permits, include a seated meditation in both Vinyasa and Slow Flow classes. I teach different meditation techniques, and classes may include some simple pranayama or breath awareness, chakra meditations or other guided meditations. There’s no “being good” at meditation (or at yoga)… it’s all just practice, whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner.

Email me to find out more!

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